Top Wedding Movies

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mesmerized as little girls, graduating from Disney weddings with fairy godmothers and make believe to total infatuation with a new higher power; the professional perfectionist-wedding planner. Also known as Jennifer Lopez, in “ The Wedding Planner”. We have always LOVED wedding movies! From the big screen to our hearts these 21 movies sparked an adoration for weddings within us.  Watch, quote, or do both.  These top wedding movies are the best chick flicks around!

What’s your favorite wedding movie?  Please share below.

1.  Father of The Bride
2.  Sweet Home Alabama
3.  Bride Wars
4.  My Best Friends Wedding 
5.  Wedding Crashers
6.  Runaway Bride
7.  Bridesmaids
8.  Steel Magnolias
9.  27 Dresses
10. Four Weddings & A Funeral 
11.  The Wedding Planner 
12.  Sex in the City 
13.  Made of Honor
14.  License to Wed
15.  The Little Mermaid
16.  Princess Diaries II
17.  The Wedding Singer 
18.  My Big Fat Greek Wedding
19.  Gone With The Wind
20. Ghost of Girlfriends Past 
21.  Meet The Parents 

Can't Say "I Do"! Without You!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Photography: Beau Vaughn

Pro Tip:  Take a moment to honor your friendships on your big day. Your bridesmaids have seen your relationship grow from a school girl crush to holy matrimony supporting you every step of the way. Their moral support, fashion advice, and  constant laughter can't even begin to describe the value these lovely ladies add to your life. So take a moment to celebrate your journey of friendships as your walk down the ailse. How did you meet your bridesmaids? Please share your story in the comments!

Bridal Bliss Beauty Tips

Friday, February 27, 2015

Photography: Marissa Cribbs


Wedding Pro Says: When planning your wedding makeup, plan on enhancing your look. Don't attempt to become someone your husband-to-be will not recognize. Changes that are too drastic, like a dark tan or a dramatic change in hair color rarely work. He fell in love with the real you; keep yourself real.

Bridal makeup needs to last all long day while being picture perfect. Hire a beauty pro! Complete a trial run ASAP. Be sure to snap a few pictures with full trial makeup / hair to see how it photographs. 

Beauty Pro Says: Most beauty stylist require a trial run. Don’t be afraid to schedule months before your wedding. The main thing is getting the pro you WANT. Wedding Day is not the day for  “plan B” or to be forced into trying something "new" because your dream artist was booked. 

Just because it’s your wedding day does NOT mean you need to wear more makeup. More simply means more and is not necessarily better. Hiring a pro that knows how to strategically place amazingly formulated products to your face that are designed for HD photography makes ALL the difference! Plus it won’t leave you wanting to scrape your face off at the end of the night!


Wedding Pro Says: Think about viewing your wedding pictures in 20 years be careful to create a look that won’t date in pictures. Trends in makeup come and go. Try for a classic natural look with a touch of glamour.

Beauty Pro Says: Classic beauty is where it’s at! DO NOT bring a picture of Kim K to your trial if you are a makeup minimalist. Pinterest can be a great asset but also be super confusing. Keep in mind that you will not BE said celebrity/model that you pinned. You may have their hair or makeup look, but it may look completely different on you. Why? Because you’re YOU! You are perfectly designed to be just exactly as you are. Embrace it with fervor.

It’s a great idea to get inspiration for your bridal hair from a picture of someone with a like hair color as yourself. If you’re a brunette, choose inspiration pictures from other dark hair beauties. It’s absolutely not wrong to Pin ideas of blonde brides. But alas, we all have a love to hate relationship with those blonde bombshells whose hair shows every detail and depth in whatever style they choose. Your hair may very well be able to do that same style but it will look completely different, as you won’t get to see all the curl and definition.

For my dark-haired babes, if having depth and definition in your style is important to you (say you’ve chosen a very curly, loose and romantic style), it’s a great idea to get some chemically definition put in your hair. :) Some soft, caramel highlights are great additions allowing the light to play with your hair giving great visual interest to your over all bridal style.

Remember, your wedding day is NOT the day to try out a new look. You want to be timeless and truly envelop your bridal glow!

Think about your bridal accessories in advance. Virtually no bride wears their veil the entire day + evening of their wedding. Or maybe you don’t want a veil at all. In either case, we highly recommend having a little “something something” in your hair that can be worn alone (if you are not a veil-wearer) or with your veil. That way, (when your veil comes out), you look complete. Don’t think you are bound to bridal salon selections of $$$ hairpieces either. Using a family heirloom (grandmother’s brooch, comb, necklace, pendant, etc.) can be a fantastically sentimental way to add a little pop to your hair (and accomplish your something “borrowed / old” at the same time)!
Plan ahead to bring both your hairpiece and veil with you to your bridal trial so YOU can get the “full effect”.

Be realistic with your hair choices. If you have very fine hair that does not hold curl, choosing an all-down style is probably not the best option. Your stylist can talk with you about extension options (permanent vs. clip in, cost, etc.) if you are really set on a Victoria’s Secret runway look.
If you are planning on wearing your hair up, don’t feel the need to grow it down to your waist. That’s simply makes more hair for your stylist to figure out where to put (and will certainly be felt by you by the end of the night)!

You need to choose a style that is going to last- without sacrificing your vision. Be prepared to try two complete opposite ideas for your hair. I always say it’s kind of like choosing a wedding dress. A lot of times, a bride will end up picking the style they didn’t ever think they would. However, just like your wedding gown- once you’ve found your perfect White Carpet Look, STOP LOOKING!!! Resist the urge to Pin more. Just shut off that pesky site that draws you in (much like a drug for most of us, LOL!) and rest assured that you and your stylist have arrived at YOUR perfect, flawless, White Carpet Look! Our brains are wired now to constantly think there’s something better, newer, fresher, etc. out there that we are missing. Don’t give in. Trust yourself. You’ve probably been planning this, oh, forever. Don’t second- guess your desires. You are going to breathtaking!!!

Photography: Marissa Cribbs


Wedding Pro Says: If you’re getting married in a warm environment, avoid oily makeup products and take some blotting sheets in case you shine. Have your makeup bag at hand to touch up during the day. Lip color is most likely to need refreshing regularly. So you don’t have to keep running to a mirror, arrange with a bridesmaid or someone who’ll be close by to watch you closely and let you know when any touching up is needed. 

Beauty Pro Says: Starbucks napkins are GREAT for face blotting! Fold one or two and keep them “close to your heart” that day. Wear a long-lasting lip color that won’t kiss off or fade/feather. That way, all you’ll have to apply is gloss and your photog doesn’t have to edit all of your pics because your lips look like your 3-year-old niece applied your lip color during the middle of the day.


Wedding Pro Says: It’s likely you’ll shed a tear at some point throughout the day. Even if you usually avoid it, it’s a good idea to wear waterproof mascara for your wedding day. Keep some Q-tips on hand they’re safer than wipes for cleaning up small imperfections.

Beauty Pro Says: If you are hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding day, they will be using professional product (and if they’re not, you need to look elsewhere!). These professional products will be chosen specifically for you based on the fact that it’s your wedding day. Thus, they will be long-lasting and fairly (if not almost all) waterproof.

Don’t try and catch those tears! Let them fall and just dab up with your tissue. When you try and catch them still up in your eye, you stand the chance of smudging all the rest of your makeup up there. The tear should simply roll down your face without making a “streak”. Think of pro makeup like RainX on your car’s windshield. :) Let it do it’s job! Plus, you’ll get the “pretty tear” picture rather than the “ugly cry” look.


Wedding Pro Says: False eyelashes have become such an acceptable addition to makeup that they’re pretty much an essential on a day as special as your wedding. Again, use restraint and choose classic, discreet ones.  Don’t wear a full lash strip use individual ones, which are classic and subtle. False eyelashes enhance + strengthen the allure of bridal eye make up give them a solid consideration.
3 Days before you say, “ I do” have your eyebrows shaped by your regular waxer allowing time for redness and swelling to disappear. Your eyes will appear open and bright enhancing your bridal glow.

Beauty Pro Says: If you are a waxer: we typically ask our brides to get their brows shaped 2 weeks before their big day and then just perform a little “maintenance” with some tweezers if necessary. When you wax your brows, you take off that top layer of skin as well, which makes it very hard to get makeup to stick. And you don’t want a “bare spot”.

If you are a threader or a “plucker”: go right ahead and do that, as you feel necessary. Just don’t go crazy! Your brows shape your entire face and you will want them to show up. Don’t be afraid to let your makeup artist fill them in a smudge either. Your pictures will thank you!


Wedding Pro Says: If you feel you need to tan, be moderate. A golden glow beats a Caribbean brown. If you’re applying a tanning lotion or a professional spray, complete it two days before your wedding so it can darken fully and there’s no danger of staining.

Beauty Pro Says: If you are choosing the traditional tan route, COVER YOUR FACE!!!! First of all, wrinkles are NOT sexy. Second of all, if your face gets ultra-dark, it will NOT look pretty in your pictures.... and your skin will look old. If you’re tanning for your Big Day, your makeup artist will be able to adjust your foundation accordingly on the day of your wedding from that of the trial, remember tan in moderation!

Photography: Marissa Cribbs


Beauty Pro Top Tip: Great skin on your wedding day starts WAAAY before the wedding day itself. Start now with a great face routine and use moisturizer like it’s going out of style!

Don’t bring more than one or two people along with you to your makeup / hair trial run. Those guest tend to start thinking about what THEY like more than what you do. REMEMBER it’s you day!

Photography Pro Top Tip: I recommend hiring a beauty pro to do your hair and makeup on your big day. They’ll make you feel pampered, relaxed, and beautiful! Giving you the confidence to be at ease in front of the camera. All while knowing you look absolutely stunning on the best day of your life! 

Wedding Pro Top Tip: Treat yourself by splurging on a new fragrance you've been eyeing. Adding an extra layer of pampering an excitement to your wedding day, which will only enhance your natural bridal glow. Plus, every time you wear the fragrance after the wedding it'll remind you of the day you said, "I do" flooding your thoughts with magical matrimonial memories. 


Beauty Pro Columnist -Breanna Brolase + Mikayla Crane Owners of BeChic Bride
Photography Pro Columnist- Marissa Cribbs Owner Marissa Cribbs Photography
Wedding Pro Columnist- Whitney Craig Owner Confetti Events Wedding + Special Event Planning

Go Blog. Get Social

Monday, February 23, 2015

Flower Wall: StyleEsque

Go blog, get social. Yesterday, Confetti Events attended Go Blog Social joining forces with creative minds from across the Midwest supporting each other in the growth of our blogs, businesses, brands, and bio's.  Attending sessions on styling, instagram, and story telling we learned so much!

Styling with StyleEsque taught us no matter the subject matter: bridal jewelry, gift tables, bridal party, or the ever so lovely bride; natural light, soft embellishments, an accents in odd numbers (bracelets, flowers, or even groups of people) make the most visually interesting photos. 

How many hashtags is enough? When is the ideal time to post photos? These are questions we all have about instagram and we finally have the answers thanks to Object Enthusiast! For hashtags be sure your post, picture + caption can be seen on one screen.  Do not make your follower work for your content, engage them visually with enticing on brand photos and thoughtful words. Use 1-3 hashtags and absolutely positively no more than 5. Make your hashtags funny. Hashtags #likeforlike #tagsforlikes will not bring you on brand followers research the hashtags for your genre and use those for more thoughtful interactions. Posting at 7pm central time reaches both coast as well as international followers (it's not to late, it's not too early, it's perfect!). Think about your core group of followers, what times will they be awake scrolling through insta? An early morning coffee post is great but not if half your followers are asleep. Saturday mornings are full of farmers market, coffee and dog park post yet followers are busy posting not interacting. They're out enjoying the weekend so be weary of posting Saturday Am. Take time to see what works for your brand & your followers don't be afraid to try new things! #trythesetips #instagramsucess 

Here's Our Styling + Instagram Lesson All in One 

Love Is The Greatest Adventure

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Love is the greatest adventure! Extending our client services to include international weddings is a thrill. Helping each bride & groom create their ideal stress free wedding.  Pick a hemisphere and we'll be there!

In Whitney's words: "Completing the four month international wedding planner course was a challenge I accepted  head on. Working daily towards certification. I always kept my clients & their dream wedding in my thoughts;  I choose to focus on their visions for my inspiration. The hardest part of the course was learning social protocol for place and table settings based on culture, royalty, location, host and event type. Its was intriguing to learn the history and symbolism for who sits where. I'm excited to see where this additional endorsement leads with the first international wedding taking place in the Caribbean this November". 

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